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Do You Know Why It’s So Hard
To Inspire Action From People?

Whether it’s your employees,
customers, or students ...

It’s not because:

58% of people say they trust strangers more than their boss
29% of people don't feel motivated by work (up from 18% in 2016)
Or 52% simply don't feel engaged by the work on their plate

It’s because people are distracted...all of the time...by the media, by their smart phones, by other people fighting for their attention.

It were easy to break through that noise, everyone would have a loyal, attentive, and supportive audience at their fingertips.

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If You Want A Loyal, Attentive,
And Supportive Audience At Your Fingertips,
You Have To Consistently:

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Engage Them With Entertaining, Stimulating, And Unexpected Content
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Offer Them Low-Threshold, Benefit-Driven, Fit-To-Their-Schedule Opportunities To Act
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And Follow Up With Unique, Insightful and Data-Driven Feedback

And There’s One Big Problem With That Approach

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It would take over 12 different software subscriptions, thousands of dollars per month in fees, and 100+ hours a week to manage all that activity, data, and human interaction.

You would also need tech savvy skills (like design, coding, and copywriting), the ability to manage all of those platforms at once, and your own stress management coach to keep you sane.

And even if you did that ... you still wouldn't have the power of DO software...

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or you could use
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What Do You Want To Do?

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the audience in your own private corner of the internet, free from the distractions of social media
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Inspire Action
Give them a clear, exciting, and urgent opportunity to take action after presenting them with any necessary information
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Follow Up
Create a lasting connection with an insightful follow up, a private training, or A customizable upsell (scalable or not)

Want to see exactly what you can DO with DOHQ?

If you want to manage everything from ONE platform instead of 12 +, save yourself the burden of spending thousands of dollars per month, and working 100+ hours of manual labor per week, not to mention the stress from it all, with NO NEED FOR TECH SAVVY SKILLS...

Welcome to DOHQ

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we put together a DO HQ platform from scratch in under an hour (one for a teacher, one for a business, and one for a charity) to demonstrate its versatility and ease of use. Throughout the week, we also hold office hours, give away prizes, and offer special incentives for our users to take more action.